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At Localise, we know that young people have the power to change the world. But, Covid-19 has left many of us across Ireland, young and old, isolated and disconnected from each other. Localise wants to help young people across Ireland make their voices heard, and give back to the people making a real difference in their community – care workers.

That’s why Localise has started our new micro volunteering platform, so that any young person, aged 12 to 25 across Ireland can send a message of support and solidarity to nursing home care workers across Ireland and in their community. It’s quick and easy to volunteer – just click on the video below to find out how!

How can you take part in 'Care for our Careers'

Take One Minute Beat the January Blues Leave a message of support for carers on the frontline

Carers across the country are battling on our frontlines, making sure that everyone gets the care they need as Covid sweeps across the country once again.

But in challenging times, a little message of support can go a long way.

Will you take one minute to leave a message of support for care workers in your community?

Localise will make sure that care workers get each message of appreciation. We’ll create a virtual notice board of all of your combined messages and we’ll send 2,000 postcards to nursing homes across Ireland.

I would like to

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