As the pandemic has had a profound impact on young and old alike, exploring climate justice together was a natural fit. The elderly and young people alike are acutely aware of their own legacies for future generations in regards to climate action. With secured funding from the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth, Climate Justice Fund 2021, we at Localise sought to provide a voice for these cohorts.

The authentic voice from intergenerational connectivity is powerful. By providing the resources of having this voice heard is extremely important to encourage the diverse civic leaders of tomorrow to participate in meaningful climate justice actions today with the knowledge and expertise from the leaders of yesteryear. The campaign was developed and delivered by young people to empower their peers to take action in a real and practical way.

The aim of our project was to promote climate awareness through digital means for a nationwide reach so a variety of young people can access the series of short documentaries that showcase how to participate in sustainable climate justice and civic leadership. What resulted were videos that were developed by the youth volunteers and their elderly participants as they together identified and carried out a series of climate actions by providing practical, cost-effective and sustainable solutions.

We are delighted to premier these videos as we hope for them to serve as a catalyst to encourage intergenerational equity across Ireland – a key climate justice principle.