The first school to complete a Localise Classroom to Community programme using

By Harry Keogh, Education Coordinator with Localise Youth Volunteering

A significant part of the learning in any Localise programme is to recognise the need within the local community. This is not always as straightforward as it may sound. In the midst of the pandemic the TY students in St. Joseph’s College recognised that the residents and the frontline workers in their local nursing home, Lucan Lodge were affected more than most and they decided to take action.

The students have engaged a number of times with Lucan Lodge, firstly they made a personalised framed artwork for each and every resident and an accompanying make a pre-recorded quiz that could be shown in the common area. They made handmade Christmas Cards for every frontline worker and every resident. In February it was quiz time again, and the student created yet another pre-recorded quiz for the residents.  

“Thank you so much, I do not have enough words to say how glad I am that you are getting involved with us to support our men and women here at Lucan Lodge. We are so very impressed with the quiz and with gifts you have given to us. Thank you.” Daniela from Lucan Lodge

If the raison d’être of Localise is to inculcate volunteerism and civic engagement at a critical time in the development of a young person, then nothing gives us greater pleasure than to see young people develop the habit of volunteering.

What is perhaps most significant about St. Joseph’s from a Localise perspective, is that the students have been the first to deliver a project using the new online platform The platform contains a series of lesson plans, worksheets, classroom exercise and suggested homework tasks that are designed to help the teacher guide students through the programme.

Ahead of the official launch on March 12th Ms. Ryan, the coordinating teacher said “I find this programme excellent and easy to follow. If I ever had a question with regards to the structure of the programme, the team were always great to get back to me asap with creative ideas for the classroom” She went on to note that the students found the different activities engaging and that the videos and resources were very easy to use when delivering the programme.

The Localise Classroom to Community programme is available free of charge to all schools and can be accessed online via

Classroom to Community is a seed programme that awakens the spirit of volunteerism and helps develop key skills necessary to respond to real needs within the local community. It is designed for all ages and learner types and easily fits with existing curriculum components or can be implemented as a stand-alone volunteering programme.

The programme is divided into 5 modules. Classes are typically timetabled once a week, some sessions can be completed virtually when necessary. It typically takes between 8 and 10 weeks to complete this programme.

Localise Youth Volunteering has been working in partnership with schools to implement student led volunteering programmes since 2007.